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Textile Cleaner
Textile Cleaner is a stain-remover which
efficiently removes protein- or waterbased
stains on protected fabric or when the
stains are not sedimented.
It does not leave a residue like some
cleaning products or conventional soap
and water.
if dry, dampen with a white cloth
with water only. Rub the fabric lightly to
see if color is transferred to the cloth.
If color is removed just with water, it is
certain that any product will remove color,
so in this case do not use the cleaner. If
there is no color loss with water, gently
shake the cleaner bottle and repeat
the test with Textile Cleaner, being sure
that you are satisfied with the results.
Textile Care Kit
kit for the cleaning and protection of fabric
1 x 250 ml Textile Cleaner
1 x 250 ml Textile Protector
1 trigger
1 soft brush
1 sponge, 1 cloth
1 instruction booklet
if dry, dampen the stain with
a little water and apply the Textile Cleaner
directly onto the stain. Use the soft brush
inside the Kit to assist in penetrating the
product without damaging the fabric
fibers. Wait for a few minutes so that the
product has time to work. Pad the area with
a dry cloth, do not rub. If the stain is not
completely removed repeat the operation.
Available also in:
250 ml/8.5 fl. oz.