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1. Weekly vacuuming or light brushing helps to remove soil and prevent
the embedding of dirt or grime between fibers which can increase
abrasion and wear.
2. Rotate reversible cushions periodically, so that the textile gets an even
amount of wear on both sides and the seat filling has time to spring
back into shape.
3. Protect your sofa from direct sunlight and heat sources if possible.
Direct sunlight will cause any textile to fade.
4. Carry out the Loving Furniture textile protection treatment on your
sofa to prolong the life of your textile and reduce maintenance by
preventing permanent staining.
5. Loose arm covers are a practical way of protecting the most exposed
part of your sofa. Get them dry-cleaned when they are dirty or simply
replace after a while.
6. Remove spills quickly and use only specialized Loving Furniture
upholstery products. Quickly soak up liquid with a clean, absorbent
cloth. Remove solids with a spoon. Do not rub.
7. New jeans, particularly if they are damp can leave dye on your fur-
niture. This can be very difficult to remove. The risk of this is greatly
reduced after they have been washed for the first time.
Fabric care
Quality furniture is an investment.
To keep it looking its best it needs re-
gular cleaning & care. The useful life of
fabric upholstery can be increased if the
consumer follows a few simple rules.
Here are a few tips to help you: