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Microfiber Care Kit
Kit for cleaning Microfiber sofas
Microfiber fabrics are generally light-
weight, resist wrinkling and retain their
shape well. They have the advantage of
being relatively stronger than other fabrics
of similar weight. Because microfibers
are so fine, many fibers can be packed
together very tightly. For this reason there
are many deep, rich and bright colors
250 ml Microfiber Cleaner
2 double effect sponges:
- Dry > reviving
- Wet > cleaning
1 microfiber cloth, Instructions
Microfiber Cleaner
Microfiber Cleaner is a water-based clean-
er for delicately and efficiently cleaning
microfiber. It is also effective in removing
dirt and water-based or greasy stains from
microfiber. It will remove fresh ink from
most microfibers.
Available also in:
Microfiber Cloth
The ultimate solution for real effective
dusting. Use it during your dusting routine
to keep your microfiber clean and good-
looking. Just dampen the cloth with Micro-
fiber Cleaner, squeeze it, wrap it around
the sponge and pass over the microfiber.
You’ll be impressed by its cleaning power.
The Fenice Microfiber cloth is tough, re-
silient, and is manufactured to extremely
fine degrees, a lot thinner than other syn-
On average, there are approximately
90,000 microfibers in one square inch of
a microfiber cloth. It is this strength and
absorbency that give rise to so many uses,
including an amazing ability to clean and
dry surfaces and polish at the same time.
The Fenice Microfiber cloth is washable,
shrink-resistant and durable so it can be
used many times. It also maintains its soft,
luxurious feel.
5 lt
1.3 gallons
250 ml/8.5 fl. oz.