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Fabric Organic Remover
Specific cleaner for blood stains
Fabric Organic Remover is a specific
waterbased cleaner for cleaning blood
stains from fabric. The product is easy to
apply and does not leave residues.
dampen a white cloth with water
only. Rub the fabric lightly to see if color is
transferred to the cloth. If color is removed
just with water, it is certain that any product
will remove color, so in this
case do not use the cleaner.
If there is no color loss with water, repeat
the test with Fabric Organic Remover, being
sure that you are satisfied with the results.
apply Fabric Organic Remover
directly onto the blood stain and leave to
act for a few minutes. Pad the area with a
dry white cloth in order to absorb the blood
molecules. Repeat the operation until the
stain has completely disappeared.
250 ml/8.5 fl. oz.
Fabric Odor Remover
Fabric Odor Remover is a product for
removing unpleasant smells from the sofa
stuffing. For example, if a dog habitually lies
on the sofa, or in case you wish to remove
the odor left by cat urine.
Test in a hidden area to be sure
that you are satisfied with the result.
take a syringe and fill it with
Fabric Odor Remover. Afterwards, insert
the needle in various areas of the sofa
and apply the product so as to dampen
all the stuffing of the sofa. Leave to dry
250 ml/8.5 fl. oz.